What's Been Up with CredShare? - A Quick Update

CredShare Sep 7, 2022

Ha! Got your attention with that adorable puppy didn't we?

Okay, all trickery aside and down to the real magic, which has been happening behind the scenes. You know in movies when someone has been hiding out for a while only to reveal a big secret like they've undergone some sort of fundamental change? Well, it's kind of like that right now with CredShare!

Since we've been MIA, there have been some awesome, amazing, astounding, ....basically every positive word from a to z happening thanks to the best team! 🤗

Here's a quick update (we know your time is precious and we're all about time-saving) on what's been happening and what's coming so you can put on your protective gear and brace yourselves because we're going for a ride! 🎢

What's Here:

  • The CredStore has officially launched 🛍️ ! Add templates to My Picks and send requests directly
  • Group team members together and assign roles for easy requesting and searching 🔍
  • Create tags (multiple creds) to add a multi-purpose cred to various tags for easier requests and compliance!
  • and more! Our dashboard looks completely different now with more updates to come!

Visit CredShare now and check it out for yourself!

What's Down the Pipeline:

  • Updated and more advanced filters
  • Licences and registrations integration 🎉 (we're super excited about this one)
  • More feature polishes, updates, partnerships, integrations.....there doesn't seem to be a limit!

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