Streamline Your Staff Credentials for Property and Real Estate Businesses!

business automation Dec 7, 2022

What do staff members who want to work in property or real estate businesses all need (well, almost every industry, really)? Proper licences of course! Not only do businesses need to collect these licences from their employees (a whole other headache), but it’s also in managers’ best interests to make sure they are all valid and up to date.

It’s hard enough to just collate these creds let alone manage them, so there has to be a better way!

Streamline Your Workflow ⏳

Automation for agency

The answer to all your problems is to streamline your workflow through automation! Automation in business just means minimizing the amount of human input wherever possible.

One of the best things to automate is documents! Paperwork 📄kind of sucks, and we bet there are times when you managers are rifling through each looseleaf paper asking, “why am I checking the real estate licence expiration one by one?” (or a question to that effect) - are we right? 😆

You can cut down (maybe completely eliminate) time spent on calls chasing after licences, all the updating, the organising, the printing and scanning. Things that you find yourself doing repeatedly can usually be automated! 😲

We know, we know, it’s pretty shocking. Maybe you’re thinking that you are perfectly fine with manually checking since your business is still small-scale or you don’t onboard new people often at all.

Ok, here’s our counter: Did you know that real estate agents are not lawfully allowed to show or sell houses without a licence (or one that is up-to-date)? Businesses can get into trouble for employing someone without a licence, the real estate agent without a licence can also be in hot water (this goes without saying) and clients who engaged with an unlicensed agent are not protected.

It all sounds serious, but don’t worry, because you can nip this in the bud by streamlining your workflow with automation!

Is Your Real Estate Company Unproductive? 😰

business inefficiency

Maybe you’re so used to regular operations that you don’t even realise your company is unproductive and inefficient! There are so many better things to spend your time on such as engaging and building strong relationships with your clients.

We’re going to help you identify whether your business is functioning optimally. Some signs of an inefficient company are:

  • Missed deadlines, renewals, and expiry dates for licences and insurances
  • Disorganisation (paperwork everywhere!)
  • Delayed onboarding due to missing documents
  • Duplicate real estate licences, and ID documents
  • A lot of time spent on repetitive tasks (verifying agent licences)

These are just some examples a real estate company could face. Now let’s move on to seeking out these inefficiencies in YOUR company.

Find the Inefficiencies 🔍

The Processes

The number one place to start is by analysing your processes. Sometimes all it takes is tweaking some areas and not tossing out your entire workflow. Do one at a time. Start with onboarding processes. Define that asks conducted within the flow from getting in touch with a new potential hire to when they start their first day.

What comes in between point A and B? Write it all down and see if there are any overlaps between tasks designated to different people or if there are manual efforts that can be automated.

The Employees

The next step is to examine what your staff members’ work day looks like. Are employee talents being put to good use? Or are they dwindling in the wrong sectors? Maybe after looking at every individual’s workflow, you start to realise that everyone spends copious amounts of time on things that can be optimised with task management and automation software.

Really looking at what valuable time is being spent on can give you a clear picture of what steps to take to increase efficiency.

How Real Estate Task Management Benefits You 🏘️

automation benefit

Okay, automation saves time, but does it benefit you in any other way? The short answer is yes, it goes way beyond just time (which is priceless), it also extends to your bottom line, productivity, efficiency and overall employee morale and satisfaction.

You can save (and make) money by managing tasks wisely because you aren’t paying an employee to do something software can do at least 2x the speed and without human error. Since employees are not spending time on boring tasks, it can renew their passion for the job, improve their quality of service, and close those deals!

You yourself can use your time to oversee operations, and connect with customers on a personal level. That human touch can really catapult your profits as clients usually appreciate the extra effort.

All of these reasons together can improve business productivity and efficiency overall. 🥳

TLDR: CredShare is the Answer! 🎉

You don’t need a real estate business consultant when you have CredShare!

We are the ultimate streamlining solution for your business. We handle the collecting, sorting, storing, managing and organising of your staff credentials for real estate and other industries.

❌ No more chasing after creds

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✅We store it all and display it clearly on our custom dashboard!

❌ No more document and info leaks

✅We encrypt important data with the help of SmartBots and SmartCreds!

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✅We keep on top of CredStatuses for you and you can send reminders and notify employees with a click of your mouse!