Staff Vaccination Tracking: What You Need to Know

Staff Nov 4, 2021

Every workplace has experienced massive change since the start of the pandemic. Whether moving to remote working or learning how to manage staff vaccination tracking, businesses worldwide have had to quickly find ways to become more nimble. 

Whether your staff are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine or you simply want to understand your risks when bringing staff together, it’s important to implement an efficient process to help with staff vaccination tracking. After all, who needs another arduous process to implement? 

Why Staff Vaccination Tracking Is Important

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As vaccinations continue to roll out across Australia, more government mandates are falling into place and businesses are recognising the health and safety risks low percentages of staff vaccination could pose. Unfortunately, whether you’re a small business or have hundreds of employees, managing this information means extra paperwork – and extra headaches.

Instead of chasing after your staff for their vaccine evidence, you’ll want a system that calls for personal responsibility and allows easy tracking. When you have a proper, secure tracking system for staff vaccination, you can get an insight into vaccination progress amongst your employees.

With the right process for staff vaccination tracking, you can have peace of mind for your business, staff, and customers. 

Why Staff Vaccination Can Be Risky

Just asking staff for their medical information can present some difficult risks to navigate – which is why it is always important to follow the advice of Fair Work – but it becomes riskier when you need to store this information.

Vaccine certificates in particular are a challenge because they contain a protected piece of information called the Individual Healthcare Identifier. This number is like a person’s medical identity. It’s tied to all of their health information and could lead to fraud if it falls into the wrong hands. Failure to follow stringent procedures when handling and storing information could get your business into really hot water.

So, when evaluating your processes and tools for tracking vaccination information – it’s important to make sure you will be able to store and protect this information effectively, without creating mountains of additional work.  

How You Can Easily And Safely Track Staff Vaccination With CredShare

CredShare offers a safe effective tool to catalogue and track your staff credentials all in one place. They have just released a new vaccine certificate capability that removes the risk of vaccination certificate management for businesses. When using CredShare to manage vaccine information – your team’s compliance is viewable on a dashboard, where you can see the progress of certificate requests, confirmation and even expiry – as booster shots become required. By requesting, receiving and monitoring information all in one environment you remove any room for risk or human error and completely streamline the collection and cataloguing process.

A bit like the COVID card in your digital wallet, CredShare extracts and delivers all the relevant information from a team member’s certificate to confirm their vaccine status, without the risk of duplicating or storing the certificate at the business end. Compliance is managed and easily reviewed, while the requirements of secure storage are completely removed. 

Best of all there is no difficult implementation process – you can sign up today and start receiving vaccine status information almost straight away. 

Managing Your Business Around Vaccinations

Adapting to more change within your business will be a learning curve. But for the safety of your staff, customers and your business, it’s important to move forward with a vaccine management process. By adding simple but safe staff vaccination tracking processes into your day-to-day, you can help keep your business compliant without interrupting the important work your business does in delivering value for customers.

With a streamlined system like CredShare you can quickly complete the vaccine tracking process, and focus on the more important things.