Reduce Paperwork - Make Time for Better Things

business automation Dec 13, 2022

The secret to reducing paperwork is...wait for it...automation! Even if you have a good system going on, the paper shuffles, document organisation, and filing you do every day can add up over the years.

If you're someone who has hours of manual processes for verification or you're spending tens of thousands on someone's annual salary for something that can be done like this 🫰(that's a snap, by the way), think about all the money you could save!

Imagine a wondrous place, where admin work is automated. The processes are seamless, all you have to do is click a few buttons, and your life becomes so much easier! You can save time, reduce effort, and increase the success of your business by minimizing errors - a dream outcome, right?

paperwork vs automation

Why Automate Your Business? 🤔

No one likes manual verification, because it generally takes so. much. time. Not to mention, the work from beginning to end is also incredibly boring 😫

Let's look at some initial benefits of automating your business. As time goes on, you'll find more reasons to love business automation.

1.Save Time - Because There are Better Things to Spend Your Time On ⏰

Not only can you save time (and possibly your employees' mind from repetitive work), but you can also make sure the time is allocated to important tasks.

Daily fact: Knowledge workers spend an average of 3.8 hours a day on busy work.

The solution to this "wasted" time is through automation! Remove approval processes, verification, and document requests with a streamlined system.

time spent on busy vs actual work

2.Eliminate Errors - Because Humans Make Mistakes 🚫

People make mistakes, and that's okay. But, sometimes innocent errors can cost your company a lot. For example, you could be fined in some industries if your employees are not properly licenced 😨. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, but automation eliminates this possibility.

3.Scale Up - Put Talent Where It Can Make a Difference ➕

You could be wasting precious talent on busy admin work. What if you could redistribute in-house talent on tasks that could help scale your business, boost innovation, and bring more results? Hm...something to think about, right?

4.Save Money - Keep More in Your Pocket 💵

We don't know anyone who would say no to more or saving money! If you effectively implement an automation process or system, you can say goodbye to paperwork, and admin work, which saves on operations costs.

Project management software is a great place to start, but it doesn't monitor nor does it optimise paperwork. We have a solution to this that we will reveal in a bit, so stick around till the end! 🤫

5.Boost Morale - Avoid Employee Burnout 😁

Lastly, eliminating or even just reducing paperwork can boost employee morale. After months or years of doing the same, unengaging job that doesn't challenge your team mentally can lead to a whole lot of stress and dread.

Your employees play a critical role in how your business performs, and having them feel empowered to pursue work they enjoy with your support can greatly improve employee morale.

These examples of why automating your business is vital are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more reasons to make paperwork seamless such as improving customer satisfaction and bolstering trust. The question now is, how?

How to Automate Your Business?  

As we said, project management software is great, but what if you need to go deeper? Checking critical documents against a database and verifying their authenticity and viability are very different from just managing everyday tasks.

CredShare is the answer to business automation.

how to automate your business

Who is CredShare?

CredShare is a platform that provides a safe exchange for credentials. A place where users govern their information and decide who gets to see it, what they see and when. It's a place where businesses can easily request documents that are needed for operations.

What is CredShare?

We make credential and licence exchange simple and safe. Upload your creds once, and have them on-hand forever.

We use the utmost care and security when handling your sensitive documents and we encrypt the original piece. There is no need to send the real thing, but just the info that is relevant to the requestor.

With CredShare, businesses will have the tools to verify creds and validate identities in real time - know who you're working with!

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