New Employee Onboarding Objectives - Hit These for Success!

CredShare Nov 4, 2022

Onboarding new employees can be really slow going on your end, but think about what it's like for your new and existing team members. Questions such as, "will this person take over my job?", "I wonder if this person is easy to work with", and "I hope this new person is good at their job" and so on will plague the minds of both sides.

Your job as a team leader/employer is to make the transition for the new employee as smooth as possible. Your new team member is a talent, and there is a reason why you hired them. How your employee handles office life's first few days and weeks will directly affect retention and employee satisfaction.

You get one chance to make a good impression and create a positive environment, so how do you do it?

Why Is Proper Onboarding Important? 🤔

First, let's find out why onboarding a new staff member correctly is so important.

Not only does proper onboarding help your employee acclimate to his or her role, it also outlines the expectations and scope of work they are expected to carry out. They may seem simple and straightforward, but you'd be surprised how lost a person can feel when they don't understand what they are responsible for and what goals they have to meet.

The above can lead to a high employee turnover rate, burnout, and loss of morale and productivity, which can impact your company's performance. In fact, studies have shown that employees are 58% more likely to stay at a company for at least 3 years with a structured onboarding.  

Some benefits of proper onboarding include:

  • Helping the new employee feel acclimated
  • Fosters employee engagement
  • Increases employee retention rate
  • Higher service/product quality
  • Minimizes employee absence

Best Ways to Onboard New Employees

Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Don't worry, we have some helpful suggestions that will not only make onboarding easier but fun as well!

Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit 🎉

Having an employee onboarding welcome kit can reduce a lot of work. A welcome kit should include a glimpse into company life, what's expected of the employee, and what they should expect in return.

Think of it as a welcome gift pack you hand out to every new hire. Here are a few ideas on what to include that could add positivity to your employees' first day.

  • Company Swag 😎

If possible, hand out a custom company mug, t-shirt, mousepad, notepad, or whatever is useful and can have your company logo on it. Everyone loves custom stuff!

  • Office Supplies ✏️

Even if you don’t slap your logo on it, office supplies are necessary and a great welcome gift for new hires

  • Company Handbook 📔

Don’t skip out on this one! It’s so important for the new employee to understand company culture, expectations and rules. Sure, you can mention it to them but it’s much easier to remember when it’s written down in a checklist or in a handy little book.

  • Employee Handbook 📕

Other than getting to know the company, your new employee is probably eager (and a bit nervous) to meet future team members. Have an employee handbook ready with introductions on each existing employee. Include info such as birthdays, likes and dislikes, a quick bio and a short welcome message!

  • Welcome Gift and Note 💝

Add a personal touch to the welcome kit by adding a personalized note from you. To top it all off, why not slide in a gift card (doesn’t have to be too expensive) to partner companies or even Amazon or your local Starbucks? Trust us, it’s a nice touch!

Employee Onboarding Roadmap 🗺️

Make sure you let your employee know what onboarding looks like. What are the processes and milestones they hit, and how long will they last?

You can create a very simple roadmap (feel free to use this one) that outlines what the employee can expect. Include answers to questions such as:

  • When and how long will onboarding last?
  • How do you want the employee to feel after? (Supported, excited, motivated)
  • What needs to be clearly communicated about the company through this process?

Make sure the stops on your roadmap address these questions at some point. Don't know where to start or need some ideas? Feel free to use our roadmap below! Build on it and make it your own ☺️

Assign an Employee Mentor

We mentioned this briefly in our roadmap, but it's very important that the new hire feels supported, so we're dedicating a section to assigning a mentor or helpful guide to your new team member.

This person should ideally be in the same department with a similar role. A person like this will be able to provide adequate support and answers to your new hire's questions. It's vital to create a warm and welcoming environment, so pick the mentor wisely!

Make Yourself Available

If possible, don't pass up the opportunity to get to know new team members - do the onboarding yourself! Make sure you are amply involved with the process so the employees feel like you're accessible, which encourages them to come to you with issues and problems.

Automate the Process with CredShare!

Now we get to the manual side of things. Onboarding is not only getting to know the new staff member and outlining expectations, it's also handling the proper documents and paperwork to integrate the new hire into your system.

You have to check their ID, make sure all documentation such as licences and credentials are up-to-date and verified. This would previously involve calling issuers or government bodies for verification. It could also include manual checking and inputting details into your slow software systems.

CredShare can solve the problem of onboarding and document verification with automation! How do one-click verifications, one-click credential requests, and easy integration sound? We work with your systems rather than requiring you to switch.

Interested? Give us a shout to find out more!