How to Track Staff Credentials: The Complete Guide

Staff Nov 3, 2021

Staying organised is the secret to maximising your business potential. But without the right tools and processes, it’s challenging. A great place to start is learning how to efficiently track staff credentials to reclaim time and boost your output and productivity.

Implementing a system to organise and review staff credentials can streamline the process and make it feel less like a chore. So we’re sharing our complete guide on how you can easily track staff credentials and keep them up to date.

What Are Staff Credentials?

You might refer to them as documents, certificates or paperwork but staff credentials is a catch-all term for all the details you need to verify about a staff member to deliver the complete employment process. The hiring, onboarding process, payroll, training, ongoing employment and even firing of your staff require you to keep detailed records about them. Things like identity, working rights, skills and training, pay and tax details or even vaccine status are likely needing to be tracked somewhere within your employment process.

In specialist fields, staff credentials typically prove the individual can safely perform a role, and so they play a big part in WHS while other staff credentials like a tax file number or a VEVO check ensure that government requirements for employment are met.

When it comes down to it staff credentials cover any documentation relating to an employee that you need to be able to cite to safely employ them and keep them in work.

Why Is It Important To Track Staff Credentials?

Keeping track of staff credentials is important because it allows you to find important information immediately, and ensure it’s current and accurate. If you don’t have the tools to help you easily track staff credentials, certificates can fall out of date, medical details can change, insurances can lapse and suddenly your workplace compliance and employment procedures aren’t working as they should.

By ensuring you can easily review credentials, identify what’s missing or expiring, and collate all this documentation against the right staff and departments you can save your business hours of busy work and thousands of dollars in risk.

How To Track Staff Credentials?

Keeping track of your staff credentials doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Right now it’s likely your process involves some or all of the following hurdles:

  • Dealing with a large number of documents. 5 or so documents from each employee adds up pretty quickly
  • Managing documents in a number of different formats that aren’t compatible with the way you want to use them
  • Chasing or locating documents across a number of different platforms or channels (email, Teams, post, Slack, Google Drive etc)  
  • Manually reviewing each document to ensure all credentials are always up to date
  • Chasing employees for missing or updated info
  • The arduous procedures required to ensure sensitive information is securely held while also being able to be accessed when needed

However, with the right technology in place, much of the collecting, collating, confirming and updating can happen automatically. By receiving and cataloguing credential details in a single ecosystem you can remove a lot of the manual work for both your HR team and your employees.

As a result, you can wave goodbye to physical paperwork and filling, or spending hours sifting through emails to find 5 separate documents sent from one employee. With the right system you can even remove the extra work and risk involved in appropriately storing sensitive employee information – by allowing software to take care of this for you.

A tool like CredShare allows you to track qualifications, certificates, and employment information all in one place, in  a single view dashboard. As a two-way system, you can use it to receive and manage credential data from your employees and confirm it with your HR department, compliance officers and more – without ever having to access or hold sensitive documents.

Part of staff managing staff credentials is also making sure they are up to date. CredShare sends you alerts to ensure that staff update their credentials quickly. Then, you can catalogue view, track, and confirm credentials with just a few clicks.