How to Onboard Your Team to CredShare

How-To Sep 29, 2022

You know what they say, "there's no I in TEAM", and you can clearly see that above. You're only as good as your team, so making sure each member is properly onboarded to CredShare, or any other platform is crucial.

At CredShare, we try to give you all the tools you need to help your team understand who we are, why you've picked us, and why we're good at what we do 💪. One of these helpful resources is our YouTube Channel (did you know we had one?)! Head over there and check us out, and don't forget to click the "subscribe" button!

Let's get down to the topic du jour. How do you successfully onboard an entire team to a single employee?

Give Them Everything They Need 👍

The first thing you must do is to make sure everyone has what they need. For CredShare, the best thing you can do to start is send them over to check out our introductory video on YouTube.

Our YouTube channel and Knowledge Base are always growing, and we aim to have it become a central source for all things CredShare. It will be a place where you can find answers to all your questions. Since we're still building, you can also reach out to us at

Show Them Around the Workplace 👀

When you're onboarding an employee to a physical workplace, you can take them on a tour around the environment - but how do you do that online? For a platform like CredShare, we will aim to have brochures and video instruction to help new team members navigate the homepage, CredIntel, the CredStore, and more!

Support and Feedback 🤗

Give your employees all the support they need and value their feedback! When you're onboarding to CredShare, we're always available to answer your questions and provide assistance!

Does your team need more clarification on a specific feature? Do your staff members require more information on a certain topic? If you don't have what it takes to meet their needs, just shoot us an email and we'll get it done!

Of course, there are more things you can do to make onboarding a success, but we find that these are the 3 core elements. You can expand into fun first-day activities, introductions to everyone on the team, and also team-building exercises outside of work. Onboarding doesn't have to be stale, boring, and basic 🥱

You can let your creativity flow and create a one-of-a-kind super entertaining experience! We at CredShare are looking to support you to make it happen! 👏