Don't Be a Pug in a Rug - Stress Management Tips!

CredShare Sep 14, 2022

Do these phrases, "You have to take better care of yourself", "Work/life balance is so important", and other similar reminders sound familiar? But what do they really mean? Truth is, they can mean very different things to different individuals.

We have to come to terms with stress and understand that it is a part of everyday life. BUT, you can definitely manage and perhaps even live in harmony with stress 😲. Really? But can we really 🤨? Yes! You can.

Hear us out👂. Here at CredShare, we try to limit your stress when it comes to paperwork, organisation, and credential management. We'll go to bat for you and squash all the extra time you need to take to make sure everything is in order. We also help enterprises and companies oversee their employees' creds to manage verification.

Join our growing CredShare community and become an official CredSharer to manage not only creds, but licences and registrations like a PRO 😎! Already have an account? Log back in if it's been a while, we have had a nice upgrade 😉.

If you still need a bit of help to avoid looking like the adorable yet very sad pug above, then we've got some extra tips to help you relieve some day-to-day pressures 😌.

Get Up and Get Moving! ⛹️

You've probably heard this before, but exercising can lift your spirits!  Hello, endorphins 👋 and goodbye sad frown 🙁. Exercising can not only improve your mood, but it can also help cardiovascular functions and plenty more so your body stays in tip-top shape.

While "mind over matter" is true in many cases, exercising works the other way. When your body feels good, so will your mind ☺️

Breaks Are Good! 🏝️

Many of us at CredShare work tirelessly to improve our platform and our service to you, so a lot of our team members, like you, can do with a reminder to take a break! It's okay to relax, give yourself a break, and get back to it when you're feeling more motivated. Breaks help recharge both your mind 🧠 and body .

Think of it like this: You are taking a break so you can go even further. Doing good work is a marathon as opposed to a sprint. It takes time and patience, and definitely a few good breaks along the way.

Breathe Deeply 😮‍💨

Take a few slow and deep breaths. Yep, right now, just give it a try. Many of us at CredShare find that this can instantly help us slow and calm down. Breathing deeply triggers your body's natural ability to relax.

You can try belly breathing (where your belly rises more than your chest) or chest breathing (where your chest rises more than your belly) and see which one is more relaxing for you.

Next time the pressures of everyday life are getting to you, drop everything and take a few breaths and see the difference it can make!

Food Matters! 🍎

What you put into your body will affect your physical and mental state. Eating well and having a healthy diet is more than just to maintain your waistline, but it can also lessen stress and boost your immune system to keep everyday colds at bay 🤧.

Start with a balanced diet of lean protein, complex carbs, veggies, fruits full of antioxidants, with a side of healthy fats. Need an extra boost? Add some supplements into the mix! Vitamins, omega fatty acids in the form of fish oil, and anything else you feel your diet may be lacking.

If we may be so bold, probiotics are excellent for digestion. A healthy gut is a healthy mind!

Talk It Out 💬

Sometimes you may just need to get things off your chest, and that's okay! Whether you need some CredShare onboarding help or employee burnout tips, we're here! You can reach us at!

Sometimes all you need is a sounding board to release your stress. Talk through your day and stressors with a trusted confidante and just see the difference it makes! We're rooting for you! 💗