CredShare and RSA + RCG Certificates

CredShare Jun 20, 2022

The RSA and RCG/RSG certificates are a definite need when it comes to working in gambling establishments and ones that serve alcohol. However, while the RSA is mandatory, the RCG is not.

Depending on the state, establishments don’t necessarily need staff members to be in possession of a valid RSA from the start of employment as long as they are willing to or in the process of obtaining it. You can imagine the stress and headache of keeping track of who has an RSA or RCG, which people are in the process of acquiring it, etc. Worst of all is if something slips through the cracks and the law comes down on you.

As a support partner and association, Barcats can help workers looking for employment and venues alike solve the problem with credential consolidation. CredShare has the system to give you all the information about credential compliance at your fingertips.

Having this information will facilitate the task of employee and employer management.

Check out more about RSA/RCG in our links below:



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