Credential Management - It Sounds Boring but It Doesn't Have to Be!

Info Aug 6, 2022

Okay, so you’ve probably heard of credential management software being used by the government to authenticate, issue, request, and manage credentials of everyday people like you and me. It all sounds pretty dry and boring and probably not something you want to do or get into in your free time. But guess what? We’ve got a secret 🤫 ......

Credential management and compliance can be fun! 😯

Yes, this is quite a revelation and a shocking piece of news - but give us a chance. CredShare is a credential solution that solves all your problems. Just check us out!

CredShare is:

  • Not boring - because it’s simple!
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Constantly upgrading
  • A time-saver
  • Something you don’t wanna miss out on!

What Is Credential Management? 🗃

Credential management, just like any type of management and organisation that involves paperwork, wasn’t traditionally viewed as a fun activity. We totally get it, your free time is precious and no one wants to spend it doing extra work.

Cred management involves keeping track of all your credentials, sending them off to the right companies and institutions, and all the while making sure things are secure. After all, these documents contain sensitive info.

How Can Cred Management Make a Difference in Your Life? 🤔

Having an order to things will definitely make your life simpler, but does it really make that big of a difference?

Yes. The differences are in the not-so-little details:

✅ More time to spend on what YOU wanna do

✅ Less stress and headache when it comes time to sort through creds

✅ Send and request what’s needed in less than a minute

✅ All your creds are in one place, so no more searching and misplacing things

✅ It’s free for individuals

✅ Increases productivity

✅ Access your documents anytime, anywhere (we’re on mobile too!)

And so. Much. MORE!!!

Can You Make It More Fun? 🎉

Can credential management cross the threshold into the “fun” territory? It can if it’s secure with encryption, intelligent bots that create SmartCreds, which have the ability to extract necessary information from your original document so you don’t need to send real copies.

You can also add Cred Tags (bundles of creds) together to request and send off a group of necessary creds for whatever you’re applying for or requesting.

And that’s not all. Just wait until we gamify the whole process, incorporate fun profile pics (oh, we already have that!), and increase user enjoyment even more than now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is credential management?

Cred management is simply the process of keeping track of your credentials and sending or requesting them from relevant parties.

2. Do I need a credential manager?

Yes! Yes, a credential manager can certainly make a difference in the hassle of document management, and this is where CredShare steps in! We do it so you don’t have to!

The Bottom Line

Yes, credential management the traditional way is boring

, but it doesn’t have to be! CredShare consolidates all of your important (and very necessary) creds such as ones needed for employment, identification and to gain clearance or access together. The first of its kind, CredShare keeps all types of credentials in one place – right at your fingertips 🖐